Do Eggs Need to be Refrigerated Why

Eggs are full of nutrition and make for an excellent breakfast choice. They are also affordable and keep you satisfied and full for longer. Thus they help keep your weight in control as you tend to avoid binging after breakfast. Yet the poultry industry has continually been harassed with claims of not following hygiene protocols. Plus, the absence of a proper cold chain reduces the trust in the industry. To avoid these issues, companies are emphasizing keeping High-Quality eggs in a refrigerator. Here we will explain why we need to keep the eggs refrigerated.

Keep the quality intact

As per experts, unwashed eggs maintain longer shelf life but then eggs with dirt and hen poop cab carry contamination and salmonella infection so they need to be washed before being packed and stored. However, the moment you wash them, the quality starts deteriorating. As we all know, all eggs have porous shells. Nature has provided eggs with a thin covering called ‘bloom’ that protects the hatched chicks and the eggs. Bacteria cannot make their way inside an unwashed egg. When the eggs are washed, this covering is removed, and bacteria can start impacting the quality of the egg.

Eggs after being washed need to be kept in low temperatures even while being transported to maintain their quality and safety. 

Double the shelf life of the egg

Keeping the eggs in a fridge after being bought ensures that they remain fresh. It increases their shelf life. When you store a fresh egg at room temperature, it is consumable but the quality starts to deteriorate within days. However, if the same egg is stored in a refrigerator, the shelf life becomes double.

Reduce the impact of temperature changes

Often there are temperature differences in egg transported, storage, and selling places. Like many times, eggs in stores are kept under scorching sunlight.  Like if you remove the eggs from a cold place to a slightly hot one, you will see condensation seep into the covering. This condensation may give a chance for the bacteria to thrive. By placing the eggs in a refrigerator, you can maintain a uniform temperature, thus reducing the chances of spoilage.

Hygiene is taken care of

As we have mentioned, the Poultry industry suffers from Concerns over hygiene. People are wary of buying eggs that do not follow hygiene parameters. Buying hygienic eggs ensures that the user will not contract any disease arising from contamination.  By keeping the eggs in controlled temperature conditions after washing them it is d that hygiene and safety levels are maintained. Apart from that, the chances of any external contamination are also reduced.

Avoid physical damage to the eggs

We all know how fragile eggs can be. If not taken care of, the eggs can break their shell. Once that happens, if you are not going to consume them, the egg just gets wasted. It is hard to get the same quality and taste back if the egg suffers a breakage.

However, if your eggs remain stored in the refrigerator, the chances of eggs getting damaged are pretty less. You can either preserve them in the egg racks or make space for them in the interior of your fridge. Whatever trick you adopt, your eggs are not impacted and remain fresh and good to eat for a long time.

Summing up

Consuming eggs every day keeps your body nourished and healthy. Try to keep your eggs in the fridge for the above reasons. However, if you are going to consume them as soon as you bring them, you can ditch refrigeration. 

Japanese eggs are always refrigerated. Ise Eggs has launched cold chain transport in India for the first time. The eggs are machine washed, UV sanitised and each egg is checked for quality. These eggs are then kept under a constant temperature and transported via cold chain truck to stores. This helps maintain the egg quality and freshness. Ise eggs are naturally healthy and very fresh.

 Start your day with a healthy breakfast to have a wonderful day ahead. An Ise egg a day can surely take care of you.

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