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The eggs that you purchase from your local vendor might be unsafe for you. There’s always the risk of the egg being unhygienic or having been laid by a chick injected with antibiotics. Such eggs come from hens grown on farms in great numbers without proper hygiene and care. Many times hens are injected with antibiotics to make them gain weight and grow faster and as a result, they cannot produce wholesome nutritious eggs.

This proves to be a serious toll on your health since the injected antibiotics are directly absorbed by the flesh and reproductive parts of the chicken, which is later passed on to the yolk, which in turn enters your body when you consume eggs.

When kept in unhygienic conditions fresh eggs, even those with clean, uncracked shells, may get contaminated with a bacteria called Salmonella that can cause foodborne illness or food poisoning. 

Eggs need to be kept clean. And once washed it is vital that freshly produced ones are kept in a temperature-controlled area so that it stays fresh and to prevent the breeding of salmonella bacteria in them.

Human intervention in the extraction and collection of these eggs can also affect the quality of the eggs if not done with utmost care since it is well known that humans are prone to errors. You can avert all such tensions with the finest eggs from ISE Foods India. With the goal to provide nutrient-rich and disease-free eggs, ISE Foods Inc. continues its production.

High-Quality Eggs from ISE Foods Inc.

The chickens bred by ISE Foods India are fed with natural food including corn, soybean meal, fish flour, brans, oils, and calcium. These chickens are kept healthy at all times. When the hen lays eggs, the high-quality Premium eggs are collected and washed automatically by specially designed machines using ISE integration systems that ensure zero human intervention. 

Strict in-house hygienic procedures are followed during the collection of these eggs to avoid bacterial infection. There’s also the ISE egg research institute with specialized divisions that ensures good nutritional balance in the collected eggs. Advanced scientific tests are done on them without actually affecting the composition and matter of the high quality eggs to ensure the same. 

The breeding recipes and more than 100 years of know-how have been born by years of scientific research in the labs of ISE Food Inc. producing the perfect and the most delicious eggs for you and your family’s consumption.

Why Ise Eggs?

ISE Foods India is trying to improve our food safety and nutrition issues in India using their industry-proven know-how and specialized technology. They care about the customers by recognizing their needs and nutritional requirements and with the use of incomparable technology, provide them with premium eggs

High-quality organic fertilizers are made by them using poultry manure, which paves the way for the proper growth of nutritious vegetables and fruits for hen feed in their own farms. Their farms are integrated with cutting-edge Japanese technology that guarantees congruous in-house execution of processes. 

Bacterial infections from humans are also avoided by collecting the best eggs with no human touch. The eggs are maintained at a temperature of below 15 degrees Celsius and are transported in cold chain vehicles for conserving the highest levels of freshness, taste, and nutritional value.

ISE eggs are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin D which are essential nutrients for the human body and thus are best eggs for kids, women and elders. You will also find the manufacturing date printed over each of their finest egg packages which make them stand out.

More About ISE Eggs

high quality eggs

ISE Foods Inc. produces supreme chicken eggs in large quantities from their large number of healthy hens. These hens are grown without the use of antibiotics and other harmful substances. They are fed with healthy and nutritious food in a clean and comfortable environment and are given proper and timely vaccinations. ISE Foods Inc. was established in 1912, giving them many years to study hens and to record their egg-laying patterns, making them one of the most established and experienced producers of nutritious eggs

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