Eggs have always been a star at breakfast. There are several recipes and dishes that you think are vegetarian, but you will be surprised to learn that you are wrong. Do you love ice cream or prefer bread and mayonnaise for breakfast? Well, you have an egg one way or another.

Read on, and you’ll be surprised to learn that you never knew these dishes had eggs in them, and in some cases, the best egg is the main ingredient.

1. Frosting

Not every icing recipe contains an egg, but the egg white is usually used to make the icing a little fluffier. Some typical frostings have egg whites, such as buttercream, whipped cream, and royal icing. The egg helps to improve the texture and consistency of the final product. Therefore, it’s ideal for decoration. 

2. Pastries

Eggs are essential for baking. A significant number of desserts have egg as an ingredient. It is not surprising that high quality eggs are used to make biscuits, chocolates, croissants, and much more. Eggs help to provide color and richness to the final baked products. These eggs help expand the pastry and bring a very light and smooth texture to it. Some everyday food items with eggs are cream puffs, silk pie, pumpkin pie, etc. 

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has a very remarkable, smooth consistency and a nice flavor to it. Perfect for burgers and sandwiches, it can also be used as a dip. It has oil, eggs, and an acidic form of ingredients like lemon or vinegar. This is why it has that slight tang flavor added to it. Organic Eggs help in emulsification. It locks the air into the mayonnaise to prevent it from getting dense. 

4. Souffle

Did you know souffle is a french based egg cuisine usually made of beaten egg whites, yolks, and other similar ingredients? The dish comes in various flavors, such as chicken, lemon, apple, etc. It can be served as a dessert with any combination of food. The High Protein Eggs help to inflate the souffle and create a distinctive texture. The beating of eggs helps to trap air into the mixture. The protein seals around to form bubbles. 

5. Ice-Cream

Many of you don’t know that eggs are used in ice-creams. You can always check the packaging to find if there is a red symbol or not. A red sign indicates that the product has some sort of non-veg ingredient added to it. It is possible that raw eggs are not added to the product, but in most cases, pasteurized eggs are added to such products.  

6. Croissants

Croissants are covered entirely with an egg wash. This combination of milk and egg adds extra shine and color to the outer part of the croissant. Its soft texture is because of the egg and the milk. 

7. Pasta

Pasta is likely to have eggs added to it. Did you know that the rich flavor of pasta is because of these eggs? Pasta is made of flour and egg. Also, kneading flour with eggs helps to retain the moisture, and the eggs help form gluten strands. This gives the required structure and strength to the pasta. 

8. Meatballs

Meatballs are very delicious. The savory, meaty taste of the dish is because of the eggs. These eggs help in holding the meatballs together. This helps bind the bread crumbs, meat, and flavors together. Without the egg, the meatballs would simply fall off. These Japanese eggs help to lock in moisture in the meatballs, thus keeping their juicy flavor intact. 

9. Naan

Naan is a typical Indian dish made of flour. Often eggs are added to it along with flour and yeast to bring out that extra soft flavor and texture to the dough. It helps make the dough soft and crispy when entirely made. 

10. Soup

Did you know that egg is added to soup? Once the broth is removed from the heat, add egg to the hot mixture and stir it well. The yolk and the white substance will get absorbed in the liquid. It will absorb all the flavor and the ingredients, thus adding heartiness and richness to the soup. 


These are some of the universal dishes we have daily but are unaware that these so-called veg dishes are not so veg after all..!! 

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