Japanese know-how transferred to India.

Bringing experience and high level technologies cultivated via
the Ise Integration System to India.

An egg is regarded as perfect food, suitable for everyone and every age for building a healthy body, however, eggs are laid with manure, thus contaminated with salmonella and bacteria. Ise Foods Inc. has established “Ise Integration System” for over 6 decades which is a complete ecosystem to produce hygienic, nutritious, and fresh eggs in Japan: It boasts strict hygienic standards and operation in a temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, Japanese people enjoy eating their high standard eggs even raw.

Ise Foods now has transferred its technology and know-how to India.

ISEI Formulated Feed Is Given to Chickens

ISE Foods utilizes technical information acquired over many years based on experience and research into feed production in order to raise healthy chickens, and produce safe, tasty, and highly nutritious eggs.  The feed consists of corn, soybean meal as primary ingredients, as well as other effectively mixed ingredients such as fish flour, brans, oils and calcium.

Hatching and Raising the Chicks

One of the most concerning issues related to the production of premium eggs is contamination by micro-organisms that can cause food poisoning (Salmonella Enteritidis). This contamination can be caused by external contact with other animals, and also internally from the parent chicken to the eggs. ISE works to prevent infections, and raises chickens in a clean environment.

Trespassing of wild birds is prevented, and chickens are raised in low-stress and window-less clean chicken houses. In order to avoid bacterial infection from humans, high quality eggs are collected without being touched by humans. The hatched chicks grow into healthy young chickens without using antibiotics, thanks to the clean and comfortable environment,  appropriate vaccinations, and high-quality feed.

Collecting the Eggs

ISE raises healthy hens with formulated nutritious feeds. The protein and Vitamin E enhanced eggs are brought to ISE Grading and Packing (GP) factory  from the poultry farm.

All of inspections including Haugh unit are all carried out daily to verify eggshell strength, yolk color, egg freshness and others. In the GP center, the eggs transported from farms via the bar conveyor are packed speedily without being touched by humans under thorough hygiene management, and delivered as fresh and high-quality products. 

Machine Washed &
UV Sanitized

Here eggs are machine washed and UV sanitized to eliminate Salmonella bacteria. Samples are collected and nutrients, such as fatty acids (DHA, EPA) and vitamins are analyzed.

In the examination room at GP center, the workers are fully sanitized and always wear hygienic uniforms. Here, ISE’s standards are determined and strict quality inspections are performed.

Cold Chain Transport

The sterilized eggs are quality checked on the spot and packed, then transported by a cold chain reefer truck at 15°C temperature. Staff members are working to help ensure safety from packaging to delivery to stores. The eggs packed in the GP center are delivered by designated refrigerator trucks, normally within 24 hours. Delivery from the GP center to each store is included in the Cool Chain that is subject to low temperature control.  Temperature variation is the worst enemy to maintain the egg freshness. Temperature control is done throughout from egg collection to shipping from the plant.